Sunday, 9 December 2012


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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

On and on it goes..

So.. We haven't updated this blog in forever, and even though there are no readers as of yet I thought 'fuck it' - for whatever reason I really want to keep working on this blog and see how it goes... So here it goes... Enjoy!!!...? 

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Staying in on Saturday night

So here I am, sipping on my Liquid Chlorophyll water and massive tea cup of green tea, having taken all of my vitamins for the day (Vitamin C, Iron supplements and Flaxseed Oil tablets) and i've just washed my hair (kind of... I only used a treatment mask, not shampoo or conditioner, coz i will have to actually wash my hair tomorrow night, in time for work on monday morning) and I hate washing my hair every night, as i'm trying (still) to get it healthy after dying it blonde continuously. But I did want to give my hair a boost still.. and have never done just a treatment by itself.. so i'll let you know how it turns out!! And I figured since i'm staying in tonight, I might as well make it productive and pamper/take care of myself a little.. :)

I'm also wearing a face mask! After slowly getting back into Primped and reading Yaz's post on the benefits of face masks - it has inspired me to try harder and make an effort to do them on a regular basis! So I started tonight with Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox ultra-cleansing mud mask with orange and bergamot, then used an Olay regenerist facial treatment mask (one of those scary looking white ones) ;). 

I've also made my nails completely nail polish ready with my awesome nail filer/buffer/shine maker from The Body Shop... Now to make the difficult decision of what shade of polish to choose!! Any suggestions?

And i'm now about to moisturise with the AMAZING coconut oil! (more on this ridiculously great product later) Then I think i'm pretty much done!! :)

So after having done all this, if you cant already tell, i'm feeling pretty damn smug about my productive saturday night in, and happy that tomorrow morning when I go shopping in the city I won't feel hung over and gross, but lovely and refreshed with awesome, glowing skin! :) WIN!! 

What are your favourite things to do on a saturday night at home? Productive beauty regimen or fun night watching movies and drinking wine/cider*? 
And I really do need help choosing a nail colour! haha (at the moment im thinking a light minty green colour, but i'm willing to take suggestions!! ) 

*If you haven't already - do yourself a favour and try Rekorderlig- it's a Swedish cider and its delicious!! (strawberry and lime is my fave) :)

Kathy xx

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Kit cosmetics Christmas shopping night

Hello lovelies!

Just a quick little note: I popped down to the Kit Cosmetics Christmas shopping night yesterday at Myer Chadstone, and it was a fun event!

You got a chance to browse the christmas kit displays (which apparently took ages to assemble, but well done, guys, it looks amazing), have a nibble on some mini frittatas, fairy bread and adorable little cupcakes, and even get mini-makeovers with products you were dying to try. The displays are really helpful as everything is organized by price, which helps you sort gifts by budget!

Best of all, with every purchase you got a little goodie bag containing a lipgloss, mini eye cream and mini face cleanser.

Have a look at some photos and do try to pop by an event if you can, it's a great chance to try on some new products and get some advice from the sales staff! Check Kit's facebook page for details of events in your area.

Frittatas and fairy bread

Adorable little cupcakes
The Christmas kit displays

The Christmas kit displays 

The goodie bag: Kit lip gloss, deluxe origins eye cream and deluxe cleanser gel

Much love,

Monday, 21 November 2011

Makeup at the gym

Everyone has a different opinion about wearing makeup at the gym/ when you exercise, and I know people that are against it, are STRONGLY against it.. Giving such reasons as :

- It clogs your pores
- It's gonna rub off any way
- It's superficial and vain
- It's the gym ffs, you're there to work out, not impress people!
etcetera etcetera...

And while these are all valid points and I agree with some of them.. I still prefer to wear makeup when I go to the gym. And before you think me superficial and vain .. I didn't wear makeup to the gym today.. And when I caught a glimpse of my bright red, blotchy face in the mirror I remembered why I usually do. Yep, I'm super pale, which means when I get any sort of sweaty or hot, my face goes all red (not just my cheeks) and I get kinda (a lot) embarrassed. Makeup covers up the red mostly, so that I'm left with a healthy red glow instead of this:

For example... (hope this chick doesn't mind me using her picture...) lol
So you get the picture.. and maybe see my reasoning for covering up with makeup - so that I don't feel self conscious and can get on with my work out!! :)
And although I do wear makeup, I never go further then foundation and setting powder.. I'm not one of those people with mascara and lipstick or anything..

Yay for dance aerobics!

Of course I remove my makeup when I get home, and I will admit I'm lucky(?)  to have skin that isn't oily and doesn't break out heaps - so the makeup doesn't seem to impact too badly on my skin. Also because I use either primer or setting powder for extra staying power, I find that my foundation doesn't rub off on my towel. :)

While we're on the topic of exercise.. I don't generally watch film clips, especially not the ones with the girls writhing around in nothing.. but OMG.. my gym has music and video clips to watch while we work out, and seeing those super fit girls dancing around in their underwear is pretty much the best.motivation.EVER! haha

So tell me..                                                                                                        
Do you wear makeup while you work out?
Do you like dance aerobics as much as me?
What's your favourite type of exercise?
Do you work out more in summer? I sure do! :)

-Kathy xx

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Glitter Inspiration -how about a half moon mani?

It would well appear that us at Everybody Loves Beauty has a wicked addiction to glitter nail polish right now –luckily for us, it’s the hottest new nail trend for this summer!

I understand completely that not everyone is a glitter addict like ourselves, and perhaps don’t want their talons glitter like little disco balls…..

On that note, I have tried out another way to use my previous blog about Gone Gonzo (wicked blue glitter from the Muppets collection at OPI) to good use as a feature on my nails rather than the main attraction!

I have been most anxious to try the new type of manicure around –the ‘Half Moon Mani’ –basically a french manicure, however the bottom of the nail has a half moon of colour, rather than the top strip.  What better way than to add a hint of glitter than to use it as the half moon colour?



So easy to achieve in just three steps:

1.       Base coat: I used Skull and Glossbones from the OPI Pirates of the Carribean collection (ahh I love OPI)
2.       Carefully dot the Gone Gonzo on the bottom of the nail and shape into a half moon.  You can buy stickers as a template to get the perfect shape (or use masking tape ).  I prefer not to use these as I can’t get the shape right J
3.       Whack a top coat of clear gloss over it (smooths over the glitter and keeps the whole look staying in its place)
4.       I also added a cheeky layer of OPI Drip Dry (a sneaky step 4 in a 3 step process) because I was much too impatient to allow my nails to dry properly on their own!

Hope this provides a little inspiration for your next manicure, happy nail polishing everyone!

xx Gloss Bandit

Thursday, 10 November 2011

A touch of glitter... Part 1

Hello lovelies,

Today I have a new Nail of the Day (NOTD) to show you! As you may have surmised, it incorporates the use of a new fad, glitter polish. Just to let you all know, I am updating from my mobile, which tends to send the uploaded photos a bit crazy, but I will fix that up when I get home!

Now, glitter has it's pro's and con's; it adds a touch of glitz to any manicure, can instantly glam up a plain outfit and somehow looks perfect for a festive occasion...but if you're not careful, you can come across as an errant schoolgirl who has gone a bit too crazy with the sparkly stuff. Not to mention, glitter polish can also be really hard to remove, and you can end up with glitter everywhere (i.e. all over your hands, couch, and any old thing you happen to touch afterwards, which would be pretty much everything).

Anyhow, I can't get enough of the sparkly stuff, and love coming up with a variety of ways of incorporating it into my DIY manicures. It's my birthday today, and I decided to celebrate by adding a touch of glitter to my manicure! I wanted something a little more low-key, since it IS a week day and I will be at work for most of it. While I have a fairly casual office, I didn't want to rock up to work with a whole lot of bling on my hands, so I created this look!

Basically I painted my nails with base coat, then topped up with two layers of Rimmel Black Cherries, which is a lovely dark plum-brown. I then painted on a glitter gradient tip on each finger using Nyx Glitter Girls Dorothy, a clear top coat which contains red hexagonal glitter and microglitter particles. I'm not really sure why, but I'm completely in love with Dorothy, it's such a gorgeous little polish.

Anyhow, I waited for it to dry, added a layer of OPI quick dry topcoat and finished off with OPI Drip Dry Drops (have you tried these drops? They're amazing, a product I never let myself run out of ever), and VOILA! All done!

What do you think? I really like it for a subtle effect, it's almost not noticeable except when I move my hands, and then you see a subtle red shimmer along the tips. I think it's really pretty and cannot wait to experiment with more glitter polish/manicure options!

Much love,